What is Titan Dome?

The Titan Dome’s key features

1.  Lightweight Aluminium Tubes

Titan Domes are built from rolled aluminium tubes made from a 6082T6 alloy. The tubes are lightweight, but as strong as steel. Their strength, weightlessness and short length all contribute to the portability of a Titan Dome when packed away.

2. Top Quality Fabric

The covers and side panels of a Titan Dome are made of only the highest quality material, designed by top brands Ferrari and Sergio Mehler. Choose from a soft textile-like appearance, a high gloss finish or a 100% recyclable matte coating.

3. Compact Transport Size

Despite their size, all Titan Domes can be packed down to take up the space of one or two European pallets (120x80cm) when transported. The box they’re packed down into can be configured horizontally or vertically. An in-built door onto the box means that materials under the packed tubes remain accessible.

4. Brushed Finish

The aluminium structure of each Titan Dome is supplied with a brushed finish for a stylish visual impact. The tubes can also be powder coated or anodized, allowing you to colour them in your choice of shades or metallic finishes.


5. Connectability

Titan Domes are modular products without brace lines and so can be connected endlessly on all sides. This functionality means that large areas can be covered by multiple domes, or creative patterns designed at scale. Titan Domes can be connected via connection gutter equipped with YKK zippers.

6. Digitally Printable

The covers and sidewalls of each Titan Dome can be personalised and printed in your company designs, with your company logo or in your company colours. We use the latest in print technology to print at up to 1000dpi.

7. Multiple Anchoring Choices

Titan Domes can be anchored in a number of ways depending on the ground you choose to set up. Anchor pins can be used for soft ground and screw connections for harder surfaces. In places where you can’t securely use those options ballast tiles can be fitted (which can also be used as tables). Titan Domes can also use stages as anchors via lockable clamps.

8. Closable sides

Titan Domes can be fully closed with side panels installed via YKK zippers. The panels are tensioned at the bottom and can also be secured to the ground with intermittent anchoring points. Side panels can also be provided with windows and doors. Panels are also digitally printable.


Why Titan Dome?

Titan Domes are the ultimate in temporary and semi-permanent event structures. Whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor event, Titan Domes provide a stunning profile with limitless branding potential that is both beautiful and tough.

Our 3 point guarantee

Titan Dome are so focused on serving our customers our three point guarantee is at the heart of everything we do.

1. Outstanding Service
2. Highest Quality
3. Best Value

Building block system

Setting up a Titan Dome couldn’t be easier. Requiring absolutely zero tools, a Titan Dome can be constructed by two people in as little as 15 minutes. Built in layers, their aluminium structures are light enough that anyone can assemble them.

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