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Let’s be honest: size matters. What’s the largest size event structure you can think of? 70m square? 80? There are probably plenty of structures or tents that meet that mark. What about 100m square? There may be a few claimants to that title too.

The main benefit of outdoor structure size is often its main problem, too; how do you get something that large to an event? Often you would need something the size of a truck to get these massive constructions into place. What if your 100m square structure could fit into a 240x160cm space?

The Titan Dome Hexadome can do just that: providing 100m square space inside a 5m tall structure while also being able to be packed down into two pallets that can be fitted into a transit van. What other outdoor structure can do that?

With the ease of transport comes the ease of construction. The lightweight aluminium tubes that make up the Hexadome’s skeleton can be moved and lifted without need for strength. The Hexadome can easily be assembled by two people within just two hours.

Like every Titan Dome the Hexadome is built in layers – this eliminates the need to work at height and have people hanging from ladders of scaffold. Add to that the Hexadome’s inherent style and impressive profile and you have a winning combination.

There is surely no better way to stand head and shoulders above the competition.

Why Titan Dome?

Titan Domes are the ultimate in semi-permanent event structures. Whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor event, Titan Domes provide a stunning profile with limitless branding potential. Durable and rugged, the Titan Dome is a true giant of the event industry.

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Durable, Strong, Easy

Setting up a Titan Dome couldn’t be easier. Requiring absolutely zero tools, a Titan Dome can be constructed by two people in as little as 15 minutes. Built in layers, their aluminium structures are light enough that anyone can assemble them.

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