What do you want in an event structure? A question that probably has many answers. Do you want something lightweight and flexible, portable and manoeuvrable? Perhaps you desire something expansive, connectable and modular? Maybe you fancy going all out and getting as big an event structure as you can?

Where can you find something that can deliver one or perhaps all of these questions? The Titan Dome. Featuring three distinct types of dome, each available in a medium and large size, there is a huge range of domes to suit your needs. Each event structure can be packed away and transported in a portable box the size of a standard European pallet. What’s more, every Titan Dome can be set up in less than 2 hours. In the case of the smaller domes that time can be as little as half an hour.

What about branding? A Titan Dome stretches high above other forms of structure in the event showroom or on the outdoor showground. The sides, dome and legs of a Titan Dome can be fully coloured and branded to give you unprecedented advertising potential.

That’s not all, though. The Titan Dome event structure is in its base form a stylish and imposing silhouette. Expect throngs of attendees to flock to your Titan Dome to inspect its impressive design and amazing size.

Titan Domes can be used for almost any event – whether trade show, exhibition, conference – or for more permanent solutions. Titan Domes have been used as restaurants, bars and impromptu music venues, too.

Expand your brand today.

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