The Titan Dome durable event structure has once again proven why it’s the best in the business when it comes to creating a striking platform for brands.

BBC’s Make it Digital tour aims to help people, young and old, from getting into the digital world from programming to coding. The whistle-stop tour by the company attends 13 events in 15 weeks.

Make it Digital were supplied with two Crossovers and a Hexadome – linked the three together to create an amazing sci-fi shape in tune with the futuristic message they were trying to convey. The Titan Domes’ size and impressive shape made visitors flock to the exhibits beneath them and protected them from the brilliant summer sunshine, too.

The BBC utilised the Titan Dome’s brandable surface to it’s fullest, helping their brand stand out above the crowd and be seen amongst buildings, attractions and other showpieces.

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