Though every Titan Dome is guaranteed to create exceptional branding impact for your company, you might be wondering which might be best for your event.

With three distinct sizes to choose from there’s certainly no risk of getting something you’re not looking for. Analyse the type of event you’re going to, as well as your objectives and budgets, and study the three types of Titan Dome.

The Lounger is great for smaller arenas and for creating multiple shaded areas. It’s size means that it can be set up in no time at all and can also be outfitted with windows, walls and other accessories. We’ve often see loungers used as portable gazebos or as cover for dining guests.

The Crossover does every the lounger can and more – being able to hold up to 400kg in weight on an alloy frame that can be hung from its rafters. Crossovers are the workhorse of the range – they’ll do almost anything you need them to.

The Hexadome is the beast of the Titan Dome family. Huge, inspiring and able to fit a large crowd under its awnings, the Hexadome is for when you really want to go big.

Remember that Titan Domes can be connected together to create your own bespoke structures!

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