10 Reasons to buy Titan Dome

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1. Quick and easy assembly

A Titan Dome can be easily set up by two people without tools. The canopies are easily foldable and put under tension in one simple movement, while the legs and stability cables can be mounted easily. For some Domes a tripod support can be used to support the structure while installing the legs.

2. Robust, lightweight aluminium structure

The structure is composed of rolled aluminium tubes as strong as steel yet surprisingly lightweight. On top of this high quality marine stainless steel cables give the ultimate strength and stiffness and make it possible to keep the structure weight low. Heavily loaded components are made of galvanised steel, guaranteeing optimum quality and lifespan. Titan Domes are also stormproof, fire and UV resistant.

3. Packable and transportable

Titan Domes can be packed down and stowed in an easily-transportable package the size of a regular European pallet (in the case of the Lounger and Crossover) or two regular pallets (for the Hexadome). These can be easily stowed away in the back of a moving fan or packed in rows in larger transport vehicles.

4. Digital branding

The covers and side walls of each Titan Dome can be digitally printed in your choice of logo, colour or design. The covers can also be provided with a print ready-made on the outside while each side wall can be double sided. Printing can be done on all of the supplied cover colours, even black.

Wow Structures-Cotton on4

5. Distinctive finishing options

Each aluminium tube supplied with a Titan Dome is applied with a brushed surface. For extra impact they can be also be powder coated or anodised. When powder coated the tube will get a doubled layer in a colour of your choosing. Anodising will give the tubes a hard oxide layer and a matte finish.

6. Top quality fabric materials

Titan Domes feature only the highest quality materials – each comes flame retardant as standard. Airtex provides a soft textile-like appearance and feel and is lightweight, aiding assembly times. Valmex is a medium weight fabric that has a high gloss finish available in multiple colours. Ferrari Stam creates a luxurious coating available in up to 16 distinctive colours and is 100% recyclable.

7. Endless Connectability

The Titan Dome is a modular product without brace lines, and can therefore be connected endlessly on all sides. This allows for large areas to be covered by multiple domes and setups limited only by your imagination. The covers of two units can also be connected with an easily hooked-in gutter. Side panels can be connected with their inbuilt YKK zippers.

8. Multiple Anchoring Possibilities

A Titan Dome can be anchored securely via a number of methods apart from its four standard corner anchors. Though these four attachments are more than enough to hold the Titan Dome, extra options are available if you’re worried about high winds. Screw connections and ballast tiles can be used, and the Titan Dome can also be anchored to a solid foundation, like a concert stage.

BMW-Marriot Trading-Roadshow Supremacy4

9. Media Mounting

On each leg of a Titan Dome an M10 mounting point is provided for the installation of extra items like monitors or light fixtures. Larger Titan Domes can even be equipped with up to 600kg of hardware, including lighting racks and even chandeliers.

10. Mountable on a stage

The dimensions of each Titan Dome have been carefully constructed so that they fit perfectly on the most widely used stage designs in the world. Whether sitting in layered platforms, implemented as roofing or encompassing the entire stage, Titan Domes can be attached to the vertical beams of a stage and use the venue itself as an anchor.

Why Titan Dome?

Titan Domes are the ultimate in temporary and semi-permanent event structures. Whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor event, Titan Domes provide a stunning profile with limitless branding potential that is both beautiful and tough.

Our 3 point guarantee

Titan Dome UK are so focused on serving our customers our three point guarantee is at the heart of everything we do.

1. Outstanding Service
2. Highest Quality
3. Best Value

Durable, Strong, Easy

Setting up a Titan Dome couldn’t be easier. Requiring absolutely zero tools, a Titan Dome can be constructed by two people in as little as 15 minutes. Built in layers, their aluminium structures are light enough that anyone can assemble them.

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