The new and improved X-Gloo

The best just got better
New and Improved

1. Tube Structure

The X-Gloo’s tubes are now connected with a rugged aluminium connector instead of being sewn together. This makes changing each individual tube more cost effective.

2. Roof Connection

The roof of the X-Gloo is now attached with a zipper rather than being sewn directly to the tubes making removal and branding that much easier. The addition of tension belts to the roof’s connections has also its overall stability.

3. Tube Bladder Improvements

The tube bladder has be redesigned to reduce the risk of failure and the fixing elements have been dramatically reduced in size in order to give the tent a cleaner appearance.

4. Roof Reinforcements

New reinforcements give the roof a cleaner appearance and provide easier access to the zippers.

5. Reversible Zippers

New reversible zippers mean that it’s possible to install side walls and other elements with either side facing outwards. Perfect for switching around your branding mid-event.

6. Wall Tensioning

Webbing loops have been added to the base of each tube to connect and tension the walls to prevent unnecessary strain on the zippers. Loops have also been hidden under the roof for a cleaner appearance.

New and Improved
New and Improved

7. loop Redesign

Shoulder and multifunction loops have been redesigned to better assimilate into the look and feel of the X-Gloo tent and to increase strength. Each loop can hold up to 5kg.

8. Canopy Redesign

The X-Gloo’s canopy has been redesigned to be more integrated into the design of the tent and to be easier to set up.

9. Valve Redesign

New inflation valves have been added which contain no internal screens. This gives them a larger diameter, cuts inflation time in half and reduces the risk of pump burnout.


Why X-Gloo?

The quality of an X-Gloo event tent is immediately apparent in its simple operation, minimal weight, ease of setup and small packaging size. The X-Gloo can stand securely on almost any surface and survive extreme winds, heavy rain and burning sunlight.


Our 3 Point Guarantee

Total Displays are so focused on serving our customers our three point guarantee is at the heart of everything we do.

1. Outstanding Service
2. Highest Quality
3. Best Value


Building Block System

Customisation is at the heart of the X-Gloo’s functionality. Combine multiple components to create your own unique tent that can suit any occasion. Each size can be connected to the other seamlessly through additional canopies and tunnels.

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