The Titan Dome Range


Lounger Medium

Transportable, brandable, durable

Easily constructed by two people in under 15 minutes without tools, the Lounger M’s canopy can be folded like a parasol for easy storage.  Standing with a coverage of 17sq metres, the Lounger M is made up of lightweight aluminium tubes as strong as fabricated steel. The unique dome-shaped covers can be digitally printed in high resolution and the frame tubes coated or anodized in a range of colours.

Product Features

  • 17 square metres
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Modular, connectable structure
  • High quality materials
  • Digitally printable in high resolution

From  £3,995

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Lounger Large

Lightweight, rugged, impressive

The fully-modular Lounger L is the Lounger M’s larger cousin, boasting an increased area of 26sq metres. Fully customisable, the Lounger L stands at a height of 360cm. The dome can be enclosed by as many as four side walls if needed, all of which can be branded in your company colours or with your company’s logo. Available with several anchoring possibilities, the Lounger L is a fantastic semi-permanent event solution.

Product Features

  • 26 square metres
  • Toolless construction
  • Multiple anchoring possibilities
  • Robust, lightweight aluminium structure
  • Fully closable with side walls and panels

From  £4,595

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Crossover Medium

Simple set up, eye-catching design

45 minutes is all it takes to erect the Crossover M, Titan Dome’s 38sq metre structure. With modular support, the Crossover M can create endless possibilities for customisation. Like all Titan Domes, no tools are required in its assembly. Despite its eye-catching size the Crossover M can be packed away to only take up the space of a standard pallet when transported.

Product Features

  • 38 square metres
  • Distinctive finishing options
  • Compact transport
  • Mountable on stage
  • Can hold 400kg in weight

From  £6,995

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Crossover Large

Sleek design with a striking profile

The Crossover L is the larger cousin of the Crossover M and can be assembled by two men within an hour. Built from the ground up, there is no need for dangerous configuration at height and each component is lightweight and easy to handle. Like every Titan Dome, the Crossover L is supplied with a brushed aluminium finish, creating a stylish and modern feel. The Crossover M can also support weights of up to 400kg from its ceiling-based mounting points.

Product Features

  • 68 square metres
  • Easily assembled in under an hour
  • No tools required
  • Light and easy to handle
  • Endless connection possibilities

From  £9,995

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Wow Structures-Cotton on4


The ultimate outdoor event structure

The Hexadome is the ultimate in semi-permanent event architecture. Boasting a massive 100sq metres area and standing at an impressive 5 metres high, the Hexadome is a striking centrepiece for any brand exhibit. Its high-quality covers and side panels, made up of your choice of premium material, are fully brandable in multiple colours. The Hexadome can also be outfitted with up to 600kg of hardware, meaning it’s possible to add light racks, chandeliers or other heavy installations.

Product Features

  • 100 square metres
  • Pinnacle of semi-permanent event structure
  • Can hold 600kg in weight
  • Easily assembled in under two hours
  • Stored away in pallet-sized transport case

From  £14,995

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Qube Furniture

The greatest outdoor event tent package

Qube Furniture makes creating large open-plan seating arrangements at events effortless. Transported in a pallet-sized box that can easily fit into the back of a van or transport vehicle, Qube Furniture can be unpacked and constructed easily and rapidly. The different pieces slot together using a building-block style system of interlocking connectors and can be branded and coloured in a range of shades and styles.

Product Features

  • Portable and easy to construct
  • Multiple configurations In one kit
  • Seats up to 15 people
  • Available in a range of colours
  • Create branded sofas, tables and bars

From  £2,795

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Why Titan Dome?

Titan Domes are the ultimate in temporary and semi-permanent event structures. Whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor event, Titan Domes provide a stunning profile with limitless branding potential that is both beautiful and tough.

Our 3 point guarantee

Titan Dome UK are so focused on serving our customers our three point guarantee is at the heart of everything we do.

1. Outstanding Service
2. Highest Quality
3. Best Value

Durable, Strong, Easy

Setting up a Titan Dome couldn’t be easier. Requiring absolutely zero tools, a Titan Dome can be constructed by two people in as little as 15 minutes. Built in layers, their aluminium structures are light enough that anyone can assemble them.

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