Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I construct my Titan Dome?

The deployment of a Titan Dome event structure depends on its size and the amount of people involved, yet even the largest Titan Dome can be constructed in under two hours. Average times for two people are: 15 minutes for the Lounger, 45 for the Crossover and under 120 minutes for the Hexadome.

How weather-proof is a Titan Dome?

Titan Domes are designed to withstand all but the most extreme of weather conditions. Each dome is water, fire and wind resistant, providing the maximum of protection from the elements. All of the structures have passed TÜV certification, which guarantees secure building and installation.

Do I need any tools?

Titan Domes have been designed to be easily deployed without the need for tools. However, should you wish, a telescopic lifter or similar can be utilised to compliment your team constructing the dome. For the larger Titan Domes, the Crossover L and the Hexadome, use of a telescopic lifter is recommended.

How many people does it take to deploy?

The Lounger can be constructed by just one person. For larger domes, however, it’s recommended that a Titan Dome be deployed by at least two people. More than two people can be involved to expedite construction but all of the domes have been designed to be easily set up by a team of two.

What hardware can I equip my Titan Dome with?

Titan Domes can support a wide range of extras and hardware, including monitors, lighting and banners and on the Crossover and Hexadome 400kg and 600kg of gantries respectively.

Where can I use my Titan Dome?

Titan Domes are incredibly versatile and can be set up both indoors and outdoors. Anchoring the Titan Dome to soft ground like sand, snow or soil is simple by utilising steel ground pegs. The structure of each Titan Dome, though lightweight, is secure and steady enough to be constructed indoors without risk of wobbling. If further security is required, however, concrete screws and ballast can be used.

Can I combine more than one Titan Dome?

Titan Domes can be combined together using an innovative “gutter” that can be placed between two domes and zipped together. A Titan Dome can be connected to one in the same size or in some cases, between sizes (a Hexadome and a Crossover Medium). Connection gutters for linked Crossovers and Hexadomes are zipped to both covers, while Lounger gutters are hooked.

Why Titan Dome?

Titan Domes are the ultimate in temporary and semi-permanent event structures. Whether it’s for an indoor or outdoor event, Titan Domes provide a stunning profile with limitless branding potential that is both beautiful and tough.

Our 3 point guarantee

Titan Dome UK are so focused on serving our customers our three point guarantee is at the heart of everything we do.

1. Outstanding Service
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Durable, Strong, Easy

Setting up a Titan Dome couldn’t be easier. Requiring absolutely zero tools, a Titan Dome can be constructed by two people in as little as 15 minutes. Built in layers, their aluminium structures are light enough that anyone can assemble them.

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